Business and Civil Litigation


At Swab & Stall civil litigation constitutes a significant part of our practice and our trial lawyers are skilled and focused in all aspects of oil and gas litigation.  Our lawyers are committed to protecting the interests of our clients whether they are operators, surface owners or mineral owners. At Swab & Stall we provide dedicated and aggressive legal representation to both operators and surface owners in all surface damages and pollution claims. We represent land owners, lessors, oil and gas explorers and others in a variety of legal disputes.

Examples of issues we have handled on behalf of our oil and gas clients and landowners include:

  • Surface damage claims;
  • Title and lease disputes;
  • Contract issues;
  • Pollution claims;
  • Trespass or boundary line disputes;
  • Lease terms;
  • Lien claims and issues; and
  • General civil litigation.

Our legal knowledge and experience, combined with thorough preparation and superior client service, is the key to our impressive record of results in oil and gas related disputes and transactions. For more information, please contact Swab & Stall