Construction and Real Estate Law


Construction Law

The attorneys of Swab & Stall provide construction law and litigation legal services to contractors, subcontractors, property owners, construction companies, developers and other parties involved in the building and development of commercial and residential property. We employ a practical yet aggressive litigation strategy, taking into account our clients’ diverse financial situations, designed to effectively and efficiently resolve issues. We are well-equipped to provide top-notch representation in any variety of construction-related matters through negotiations, litigation, arbitration or mediation in both State and Federal Courts. Examples of issues we have handled on behalf of our clients include:

Construction and remodeling projects often do not work out as planned or projected. Consequently, parties often must resort to the judicial process to achieve the results that they intended. Our law firm understands that both residential and commercial construction and remodeling projects can be expensive, stressful, and overwhelming. By conducting risk assessments and examining cost/benefit ratios, we can help guide you toward the type of cost-effective resolution that will likely provide you with the most value.

Are you involved in a homeowner’s dispute involving a lack of disclosure? As a contractor, have you not been paid for a job? Or do you need help following construction defects in new construction or for a remodeling job? If so, call us to learn your legal rights and options.

Real Estate Law

In both real estate disputes and real estate transactions, significant monies can be at stake. Whether you are involved in litigation or need help drafting a contract or closing a transaction, an experienced real estate lawyer will ensure that your rights and assets are fully protected.

We have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses with a range of issues relating to real estate, including:

We approach real estate disputes by explaining the legal process to our clients and by offering numerous options along with likely costs and outcomes. By communicating with our clients throughout the legal process, we can keep them informed, prevent unexpected developments and work effectively toward their goals.

We believe that our legal knowledge and experience, combined with thorough preparation and superior client service, is the key to our impressive record of results in real estate disputes and transactions. For more information, please contact our firm.